ipad_compatability_issue_sRecently, I ran into a weird issue with a 1G iPad and had to figure out a work-around to install apps on it.

One of my clients inherited an old first generation ipad from a friend. Before he gave it to him, it was wiped and factory restored.

After setting it up, when attempting to install certain apps, like Google Maps, Google Chrome, or Netflix, he got the following message: This application requires iOS 6.0 or later. You must update to iOS 6.0 in order to download and use this application.

Of course, the last version of iOS that was supported on this iPad was 5.1.1 and their suggestion is not possible.

After talking to a friend that has an old iPad and doing some reading, it seemed like most people would get a prompt to download the last compatible version of the app. However, even after wiping it again via itunes and making sure everything was setup, it still wouldn’t let us install old apps.

However, after a bit of playing around, I figured out a workaround that let us install both Netflix and Google Chrome on the app.

The Problem

When installing an app on a first generation ipad, a warning stating ‘This application requires iOS 6.0 or later.’ is shown and installation is blocked.

The Workaround

  1. Install iTunes on a computer and Sync iPad
  2. Install desired apps via itunes onto the ipad
  3. Wait until the apps finish downloading, unplug the ipad
  4. The apps will attempt to install, but will hang on the ipad
  5. Delete the apps from the ipad
  6. On the ipad, go into the app store and re-install the app
  7. You will now be prompted to install the last compatabile version of the app


This worked for both Netflix and Chrome, however Google Maps, which we did NOT install via iTunes first still gave the upgrade needed error.

Why does this work?

I can only guess, but it seems like at some point Apple changed their policy on old devices and started allowing people to install older versions of software on their devices. I found a reddit thread from 2 months ago that discussed the change.

However, we were using a brand new iCloud/iTunes account, which had never installed any apps.

So, presumably, Apple only allows you to install compatible versions of Apps you already own. When I asked my friend, he had no issue installing any app, including Google Maps, which was not already on his 1G iPad. However, he had installed it before on other devices. By installing it first via iTunes, even though it doesn’t actually work, Apple will then allow you to install an older version…


I was listening to NPR while running some errands this evening, and they had several stories about Apple. They deal with Apple’s recent announcement that they will be paying dividends to Apple stock holders soon, for the first time in over 10 years. About $2.65 is expected to be paid per-share.

Apple will also begin buying back up to $5 billion in stock a year.

Part of this decision is because Apple is sitting on a huge amount of money right now, over $100 billion, and paying out dividends has been a topic of discussion, as well as contention, among Apple stockholders for sometime now.

Last year Apple was making $1 billion profit each week for at least 3 months.

While this is a ton of money, Apple really did hit a home run with the iPad and iPhone. You can not deny their success and in many ways it offers a pretty slick interface/toy. I can appreciate their laptops too, the paper like screen on a Macbook air is sweet!

Also, given that OSX is Unixy, I think it ends up being a pretty solid operating system in many regards. And, I have fond memories of that little green screen Apple II that I used to play with when I was a kid.

Having said that, I have always thought that Apple’s were overpriced and have rolled my eyes as more than a few colleagues get caught up with Apple Fever, buying a new first-generation iWhatever as soon as it comes out.

Given that they are sitting on this boat-load of money and, at least periodically, raking in a cool billion in profit a week, I think this is a provides a pretty good indication that they are indeed overpriced and gigging their customers. So, my vote is over-priced, and I guess a success, the two are not mutually exclusive…