Cyber Monday Fail: NewEgg’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotion Breaks Their Website

November 30, 2015


If you use an Adblocker, like Ublock or Adblock, and have tried to visit Newegg’s website this weekend, you might not of had much luck. In fact, you might not be able to use their website at all, resulting in more of a Cyber Monday Fail rather than the intended Cyber Monday Sale.

As it stands, visiting redirects you to a static email landing page with a bunch of buttons enticing you to save money and check out their Cyber Monday Deals. Unfortunately, clicking those buttons just open a new window that redirects you back to the landing page, effectively breaking their website.

I discovered the issue when I was looking to buy a motherboard for a client, which according to another site, they had the best deal on right now. When I couldn’t get past the landing page, I hopped on twitter to see if anyone else was unable to get on NewEgg’s website and got a bit of an LOL.

This issue has kept NewEgg’s Twitter employee(s) quite busy today, as they have been tweeting and responding to tweets all day telling people to disable adblock, clear their cookies, use Internet Explorer, and that their web team is working to fix the issue. Some twitter users are also reporting issues in the Android app and on mobile devices, along with still being unable to access the site correctly after clearing cookies and disabling their adblock.

So, this probably hasn’t been a great day for Newegg and I would imagine this probably had a not-insignificant impact on their Cyber Monday sales. Any site that caters to tech users most likely has a higher than average number of users who use an advertisement blocker. So, if your website is completely broken for ad block users, you will probably have a bad time.

I think it also provides a nice lesson for web-developers too…make sure your website still works when someone blocks your tracking pixel :)

Update 12/01/2015 – Newegg’s website is working again. The rather tiny(268 member) subreddit /r/newegg blew up yesterday due to the issue as well. According to a several posters, there where other issues with their website, mainly shopping cart issues, that prevented people from buying things even after disabling adblock.

See below for some of the Twitter Carnage:



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