Funny Google Maps NoScript Warning

July 28, 2015

While visiting Google Maps I saw what is(at least to me) a new noscript warning. A screenshot of it is below, the message is:

When you have eliminated the JavaScript, whatever remains must be an empty page.

I got a kick out of somewhat proverbial warning. Sure beats the common “we have detected that javascript is disabled in your browser” warning that is so often used. They even came up with a graphic for it, which thanks to a commenter below, is because this is apparently play on a Sherlock Holmes quote.

Can’t argue with them about it either on Maps…you need Javascript for that. Now if it were Google groups… ;)

Google Maps no Script


2 Responses to “Funny Google Maps NoScript Warning”

  1. CaptainObvi Says:

    Uh, fyi, this is a direct play on a Sherlock Holmes quote.

    • junger95 Says:

      I didn’t know that, neat. I read a few of the books when I was younger, but never got into them that much. I did really enjoy the new tv series though. That explains the Sherlock Holmes looking character.

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