Softlayer CloudLayer vs Amazon AWS: Which is More Reliable?

January 15, 2014

While viewing Softlayer’s Website today, I noticed something rather amusing…they are using Amazon’s Cloudfront to deliver at least one script on their homepage.

Softlayer is a hosting company, which does a lot of dedicated hosting. However, especially since being acquired by IBM, they have been heavily promoting the cloud side of their business. So, it is sort of funny that they are using their biggest competitors service on the homepage of their website to serve up javascript, rather then their own Cloudlayer or other infrastructure.

Of course, you should use what works, works well, and is easy, which in many cases is an offering by Amazon AWS. However, if your goal is to ‘to Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Enterprise,’ you should probably keep your hosting in-house as much as possible and not showcase the reliability and reach of your competitor.

As an aside, this reminds of a similar situation a few years ago when Dreamhost was having some major downtime. I noticed that the Dreamhost status blog was always up, despite probably getting crazy traffic from all of their customers, while their shared hosting hosting infrastructure was seeming to crumble. I checked and saw they were using Linode to power their status blog, still do. That ended up being a good recommendation, as I switched to Linode shortly after that and have been overall happy with them ;)



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