Taking the Bing Challenge(BingItOn)

October 10, 2012

I was doing a little research on webmail and unsolicited emails from email providers, when a Hotmail email campaign drew me in(bad I know.)

They are running a Bing vs Google promotion, bingiton.com, where you can view search results side-by-side and choose one or the other as being the best. After viewing and rating 5, they show you who you selected, with some nice marketing speak that indicates that Bing is typically the winner.

Out of curiosity, mostly regarding how they would present the results, I decided to take the ‘challenge’.

Unsurprisingly, I feel it is probably weighted in favor of Bing, largely because they filter out Google’s sidebar and other components.

For example, if you search for ‘Raleigh’:

What bingiton shows you:

What the real results look like:

By filtering out the sidebar, Microsoft is able to significantly decrease the usefulness of the Google query and present a rather biased display, where the obvious choice if you want to know weather and such would be Bing.

I think the real Google presentation is not only more useful, but positioned better, as it is not within the search results and reduces clutter.

I did end up picking Google’s results 4/5 times when taking it too, but really they are both very very similar results. Most of the reasoning behind my choice was due to the presentation of the results, like how the Result Title and description is chosen. Well, that and how Bing seems to still be much more polluted with eHow and other low-quality spam like wikianswers.

Of course, having said that, I think the actual results of Google vs Bing are probably more similar than they are different for most queries. The difference of presentation, however, like the above or how if you do a search for a math result on Google, you get a spiffy calculator you can use, sets them apart more for me.


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