Godaddy Downtime, No Holds Barred for Competition

September 10, 2012

The Elephant in the Room

Today, many(all?) Godaddy services, including DNS, Email, and Web Hosting, went down for several hours. The end result was a significant bit of downtime, during which Godday’s own website was down for a good while.

Seven hours after officially acknowledging the issue, Godaddy stated on Twitter they were still “working out the last few kinks for our site & control centers”, although most services were back up.

Naturally, there were a number of upset customers tweeting away and posting on social sites. However, some of their competition also was quite quick to take a few jabs at Godaddy.

Hostgator, for instance, quickly offered several amusing promo codes needling Godaddy about reliability and downtime. They also stated that “elephants never forget but godaddy seems to be experiencing quite a stampede.”

Calling out Godaddy on Homepage seems to have been just as quick to seize the opportunity to strike. Their homepage, seen right, as of at least 9PM EST, depicted a screenshot of Chrome throwing an error while trying to load Godaddy’s website. They have also been extremely active on Twitter, with multiple jabs at godaddy, as well as several coupon codes. In one exchange, there was another Elephant Reference, which touches on the CEO of Godaddy’s infamous elephant hunting trip.

Identifying and taking the opportunity is a part of business and Godaddy has, both ethically and by way of their business practices, alienated a number of people in the tech industry, They are also a big player and as such a very big target. So, it is not surprising to see many quick to react to their misstep, however, I do find it interesting to see how some of their direct competition chooses to act.

Also, this could happen to the above hosts too, so, it is a little risky to make light of it and they could end up with some egg on their face the next time they have significant downtime. Or, for example, if Hostgators practice of storing passwords insecurely bites them…


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