Where the Chicks At?

August 13, 2012

Update: 08/20/2012 – Up to 10 chicks now, see new image:

I think 10-11 is all we will get this year, which is a lot more than I was expecting!

//end update

Yesterday, I went out to check on my sitting hens and was excited to hear that tell-tale chirping of a little bitty. Upon closer inspection, I found three young chicks, two black and one yellow.

Today, another one hatched and seems to be doing okay, although it just got out of the shell a little while ago. Hopefully, I will end up with a few more before the week is out.

I am actually rather surprised I ended up with any this year.

I have a hen who I always refer to as my scaredy hen, as she spooks at anything.

Sounds, movements, wind, leaves, if she sees anything out of the ordinary, as well as some things that are ordinary, she screeches and jumps 3 feet in the air. As a result, she is always spooking the other chickens.

Scaredy hen tried to sit last year, but ended up freaking out after only a week or two and abandoning her eggs.

Not wanting to waste weeks of egg production just to have her freak out again, I considered breaking her off the eggs. However, none of the other hens ever seem to get broody, so I decided to give her another chance.

Sure enough, a few weeks in she indeed seemed to falter, leaving the nest for a bit longer than I think is normal. However, the next day, another hen, the black one in the picture, joined her. They have been sitting together for the past few weeks and it has finally paid off!

The three from last night seem healthy and are already working through the starter feed. If all goes well, I may end up with some new additions to the flock this winter!


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