Cabots Spicy Cheese is Awesome!

June 23, 2012

It is not often that I am motivated by something I eat enough to write a post about it and I have never been one to goto a restaurant and take a picture of my food. I am not sure if that says more about what I eat or …, but I digress.

Cabot Hot Habanero Cheese is really really good, I don’t know what I will do if/when they stop making it.

I first had this incredibly great stuff at a friends house perhaps six months ago.

We were eating burritos and he said he didn’t have any hot sauce, but did have some really spicy cheese. Ever since then, I have been hooked!

It is actually fairly spicy and has a bit of a bite too it, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. I have tried a few different jalapeno cheeses, but they are not the same and don’t have anywhere near the bite that Cabot’s Habanero Cheese does.

I tend to like spicy foods, love some Indian and enjoy going to Tijuana Flats, where they a bunch of really spicy sauces. However, I think I almost enjoy Cabots spicy cheese a bit more! It is great in eggs, quesadillas, plain, or anything really….only thing I haven’t tried it with is pasta so far.

So, if you like spicy stuff, you definitely need to give it a try, my local grocery store has it, but you can see/order it here. I am open to free samples too, so i can errr ‘try’ it out, hint hint cabot’s social media guy ;)

I have been meaning to goto a cheese store, if they have such a thing, or perhaps the fresh-market, as surely spicy cheese is not really a new thing and they are probably a ton of other great ones that I am missing! Yes, I may have a problem.


One Response to “Cabots Spicy Cheese is Awesome!”

  1. Oh, you flatter us! It is pretty terrific cheese, isn’t it? So glad you like it so much. Did you know Cabot is a coop owned by 1,200 farm families? True! So by buying our Cabot Hot Habanero, you’re not only getting a spicy delight, you’re supporting our farmers, as 100% of our profits go to the farmers. Thanks! ~Wendy

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