WordPress.com Trying Out Select2?

June 15, 2012

Select2 is a neat jQuery plugin, based off the Chosen Plugin, to select boxes a little cooler and easier to work with, including adding some neat functionality to multi-selects.

I ran across an Article on HN a little while ago and ended up using Select2 in a project I am working on now, although with a few modifications and additional options, it adds a nice bit of flair to the form heavy site I am creating. I haven’t done extensive compatibility testing in it yet either, as this project is still in development, so depending on how it looks in Internet Explorer, as well as iPad, Android, ect, I might have to find a different solution.

However, having just heard/implemented it myself, it was neat to see that it looks like the folks at WordPress.com are trying it out too on the stats page. Firebug reports “jQuery(“#statsblog”).select2 is not a function” at the moment, even after enabling all the scripts, including a few new ones, like Kissmetrics. So, I presume they are still working on it now though.

It will be neat to see what it looks like though, as I have been pleased with how neat it looks and how well the multi-selects work.


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