A Nice Weekend Coding

May 27, 2012

After somewhat of a marathon this weekend working on a new project, I gotta say I really enjoy working with WordPress!

The templating, plugin, and hook API is such a pleasure to work with, especially when compared to other frameworks, like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, or really any of the others that I have worked on so far. I don’t think there is actually one that I enjoy working with as much as WordPress.

This weekend, I have been getting a head start on a project that ultimately will allow for advanced user management, custom post types, and purchasing/managing user incidentals. Since no system out of the box even comes close to doing what I need and would, therefore, require customization, I chose WordPress as it is so refreshing to template/code for and many of the things I need to do are more-or-less equivalent to default WordPress settings.

I have been using WordPress for awhile now and, unlike some ‘WordPress developers’, who simply buy/modify existing themes, slap together some free plugins, and call it done, I prefer a much more personal approach. I have several tools and custom plugins I have built, as well as working on a templating process which, I feel, creates a nice balance of performance and functionality. And, I have been working with WordPress since at least the 1.X versions.

However, I am still always learning and finding cool things. This weekend, for example, was my first introduction to registering a custom post type. I knew you could do it, but had never had a need to create a custom type. Now that I have, I think it is rather awesome feature!

Using the ‘init’ hook, you can call register_post_type and very easily setup a unique post type, which has its own admin menu option, as well as its own unique category/tag taxonomy. This is extremly useful and now that I have done it, I can’t wait to find other ways to incorporate it into my designs.

This illustrates how fun it can be to learn new things. Even though I have been working quite a lot with WordPress lately, both personally and professionally, it often ends up being more of just templating it, with a few simple, but more-or-less the same, features. I enjoy rolling my own plugins/features, which I think are evolving nicely, but even so, they often end up being quite similar. So, any excuse to learn and use some new features can be a very pleasant break from the usual.


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