Looking At My Past Self

January 5, 2012

I like to think that anyone who codes or designs looks back at their old code/work from time to time and reflects on how much they have learned since they started programming. Otherwise, it may just be my past self was retarded sometimes.

While I have had a few head-meet-wall moments looking over old code, it is usually more of a “wow, I could have done that much easier/efficiently” sort of realization when I go back in time and check out some of my first projects.

Case in point, over five years ago, I spent a few days writing a somewhat huge(hundreds, if not thousands of lines,) c++ program to verify and extract files in a folder.

This weekend, I spent around an hour creating a simple bash script that does the same thing in around 25 lines and could get it smaller if I really wanted.

I have a similar experience from time to time with my previous wordpress themes as well, not because they are poorly designed, but because they are often overly complicated and didn’t take advantage of wordpress’s API as much as I could. For instance, I have a system now that works pretty well for creating custom slideshows and other elements, simply and without relying on a third-party plugins. Some of my first wordpress themes used a much more complicated system.

I never hated school or anything, but I never really enjoyed learning like I do now. Today, I look forward to challenging projects and learning new things, much more so then I ever did in high school or college. Funny how that works…


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