We Want it Yesterday!

December 10, 2011

I know this is something that many people in the Tech industry can relate to and, for that matter, experience everyday. With that said, it is nice to rant.

I have a client who I provide Commercial Tech Support for both in the office, as well as over the phone, and have been working with them for over a year now.

I have also redone their website once when I moved them to my hosting company, as they got stuck with one of those build-your-own website lock-in hosting companies. So, to get them out of this, I converted the design that they owned to wordpress and hardly charged them anything.

On top of that, I really like the owner and his head guy. They have a great outlook on life and are really good people. I always enjoy going to their office when they need something looked at that I can not do over the phone.

So, suffice it to say, we have a pretty solid and relatively ongoing relationship. This is, of course, still true today.

To The Rant

They asked me to redo their website and set them up with a somewhat new style.

The clients were really pushing me to finish it before thanksgiving, but I was upfront and realistic with them. I explained I was pretty busy trying to launch a couple of other websites, so would probably not get to it until the week after thanksgiving.

So, the week after thanksgiving, on Monday, I wrapped up the website, sent them a few logins, and sent out three emails explaining how to login and addressing a couple of issues I had run into. I then called and left a message after getting voicemail, to let them know the website was on my test server and to check their email.

Then, do not hear anything from them for over 10 days, aside from the owner canceling our meeting we had setup to go over the website.

Today, however, I get two calls today from a new employee of theirs.

The first one was fairly polite, stating that they needed to rush the website out in 4 days. I can probably work with this, although not only have they not contacted me in the past 2 weeks, they haven’t added any content to the website or responded to the issues I raised.

I was tied up and was not able to answer the phone, nor check my voicemail immediately and they never sent an email, which is usually faster for me anyway. Then an hour or two later, she left a message saying that if I could not launch their website in 4 days, including this weekend, they would find someone who could.

Now, I do really like the owner of the company and I understand they have a deadline. After I called him up and spoke, he explained they were all under a lot of stress to get the website up before a big meeting and that might have spilled over to me.

However, not contacting me for 2 weeks or even logging in to the website to add any content to the 15 odd pages, then saying you need the website in 4 days is pretty silly and, sadly, all too common when you are doing free lance web design.

We haven’t contacted you in weeks and have ignored your emails, but we want it in 2 business days!

//end rant


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