Google Trying out New Website Design

December 4, 2011

So, I was just visiting Google Today and it looks like they are trying out a new style. Google’s name is on the top left, with a drop down box showing their different services.

I disable javascript by default, in google’s case because I can’t stand Google Instant and using a persistent cookie/login is not an acceptable solution, but I digress.

After enabling and, the menu auto-hid when I focused on the search bar, by typing or clicking.

It looks like they are certainly trying to Highlight Google Plus with this design, as it is the first link in the list. Most of their other common services are also visible.

You can check out Google’s new website design below. Click link for full size image.


One Response to “Google Trying out New Website Design”

  1. Tony Mack Says:

    Designs are always changing but the most important is the quality of the service. That’s what everyone needs and wants.

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