Craigslist Updates Website Design

August 11, 2010

I was checking out the Raleigh Craigslist this morning, as I like to check out the Free Section, as well as the Computer Gigs, when I noticed that craigslist has updated their design a little bit.

Most of the changes appear to be pretty minor, such as changing the background color when you hover over the body links, instead of only underlining them. They also got rid of the dark gray color scheme, in favor of a much lighter one, based off of the lightest color in their old design.

I didn’t do too much poking, but it looks like the other parts of the site, such as the listings themselves, are the same.

Craigslist Gets Jquery and Thoughts on Design

The left hand side bar is essentially the same, aside from the new color, but they pretty much redid the right side, which is where the other US Cities are.

Instead of simply showing all the links at once, Craigslist is now using Javascript to hide the links until you click on one of the titles. They did a good job with this too, as if you do not have javascript enabled, you can still see all the links.

This is an important part of accessibility that people often forget about. It is easy to sell clients on some shiny flash/Javascript navigation/site, but all too often, it doesn’t work if you don’t have Javascript enabled, which is not only important when considering how easy bots can spider your website, but also to ensure that all users will be able to use your site.

Overall, I like the new design, as it still offers the simplicity and functionality of the old design, while lightening everything up a little bit.

Some Pictures

**Click for Full Size**

Craigslist Old Design

Old Craigslist Design

New Craigslist Design

New Craigslist Design

New Craigslist Design No Javascript

New Craigslist Design Javascript Disabled


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