Got a Quick Glimpse of a Different Google Design

April 9, 2010

I happened to catch Google trying out a new website design today.

However, in fairness, this is actually the second time I saw it, as I first saw it during some searches a few months ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a screen shot then.

The search screen is basically the same, but the buttons are more square, which you can see in the comparison.

Different SERPS Layout

The search results page is the most changed though.

There is a box at left that has several links, such as News and More, which are both in the header already. The new Google Search results page also show your, which in this picture says Knightdale, NC. The location can be changed as well, by just typing a city or state name.

Another difference in the new web design is that the light blue bar that separates the search field from the search results is not there.

Here but for the blink of an eye…

It wasn’t up for long though, because I went back only a minute or two later to get another shot of the main Google page, as my mouse is in the way in this one, and it was already gone. I like the different design and think it looks pretty clean…


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