gedit Rocks!

April 6, 2010

I just keep on finding more reasons to love gedit.

When I am coding Java or C++, I might bust out an IDE, like perhaps Eclipse or Netbeans, but often I find that between g++, VIM, and gedit, an IDE is often not really necessary, at least not for relatively simple stuff.

However, when coding PHP, HTML, or Javascript, as well as often when when working with MYSQL, I almost always use either gedit or VIM. I like VIM, because it is insanely powerful and very intuitive. I have been meaning to check out some of the VIM autocomplete plugins.

There is a lot to love about gedit. It does a good job of color coding HTML and PHP, as well as most other languages, and features a tabbed layout and a number of other great features, such as line numbers, highlighting closing brackets, and even a spell checker.

There are a number of great plugins for gedit, one of which I just discovered called “File Browser Pane.” The File Browser Pane puts a file browser in the left hand side of gedit, so you can quickly browse directories and open files, without having to use the File -> Open dialog or manually browse the file system. This is insanely useful and I only just discovered it a short while ago.

To enable File Browser Pane, or any of the other plugins, like spell check or Insert Date/Time, another very useful one, goto Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins. You can also add plugins to your ~/gnome2/gedit/plugins folder or /usr/lib/gedit-2/plugins if you want them to be available to all users.

I have been using gedit everyday for years and have only scratched the surface of how useful this tool is…


2 Responses to “gedit Rocks!”

  1. Scott Says:

    “I like VIM, because it is insanely powerful and very intuitive.”

    Shh…! Someone might here you.

    • junger95 Says:

      I know, I know, sort of like the first rule of the net…

      Seriously though, VIM does rock. Its funny though, because I routinely find myself trying to use VIM commands in other programs, even ones that aren’t technically text editors, such as my email client…

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