Looks Like a Nice Break from the Cold Weather is Coming

March 6, 2010

For those living in the Raleigh area, it looks like we are in for a nice break from the cold weather. I just checked WRAL and this weekend should be beautiful, with highs up to 60 Tomorrow. The week should be really nice too, well at least up until Wednesday, as they are calling for 60 degrees and up. I must say I am looking forward to the break in cold, even though I tend to like winter/fall months the most.

Really, any excuse to break out the cold weather gear brings a smile to my face. I don’t know why, but I love wearing my thermals. I catch some flack from time to time by my friends who are not in the know. They make jokes about having a flap in the back or being from the 1800’s, but thermals truly are the key to warmth. Thermals, or Long Johns or Long Underwear, depending on your vernacular, are the reason I can walk around most days with nothing more than a sweater or some sort of windbreaker, without being cold. They are truly a wonderful invention and it always amazes me how few people wear them. I almost wish I lived somewhere that was cold all year round, as each fall when it is time to start wearing thermals again, I always feel happy.

Anyway, can’t wait to start enjoying this wonderful weekend. Perhaps taking the dog to Umstead Park might be in order!


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