Running SystemRescue CD and Utilities Inside VirtualBox

January 28, 2010

I continue to be impressed with just how powerful VirtualBox is, although to be fair I am not sure if libvrt would also do this, which I will have to test.

Regardless, VirtualBox is pretty impressive, as it was not only able to boot the SystemRescue CD, but also I was able to use chntpw to edit the password, upgrade user privileges, and edit the registry of a Windows XP Virtual Machine.

If you haven’t ever used it, SystemRescue CD is a lightweight, yet very powerful, Linux Live CD that is based off of Knoppix Linux. I couldn’t tell you how many times it has saved me, both when working with Linux Systems and Windows Systems.

System Rescue CD includes a lot of extremely useful tools, such as cfdisk, gparted, a number of data recovery tools, as well as many other tools and editors. Included among these tools is chntpw, which is an incredibly useful tool for resetting a forgotten windows password. It can also be used to edit the registry and even upgrade a regular account to an administrator account.

I think it is pretty cool and a testament to the power of VirtualBox that it is able to not only boot a Linux Live CD within the Virtual Machine Harddrive, but also mount and use a Windows hard drive, inside of the virtual machine.


2 Responses to “Running SystemRescue CD and Utilities Inside VirtualBox”

  1. Ramiro Says:

    Arghh! but how do you mount it? I don’t see any /dev/sda[1234] in the *.vdi mounted disk of the virtual machine.

    Thanks a lot

  2. junger95 Says:

    Sorry, I did not reply sooner. Perhaps this may help the next person.

    The actual device name might vary. A good starting pint would be to use something like cfdisk or the more user-friendly gparted.

    For gparted, you can run the command “startx” to load the x environment.

    Then, run gparted and you should see a list of devices and can change the mount command as needed.

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