Bing vs Google

December 28, 2009

So, I have been trying to switch over some of my searching to Bing, mostly in an effort to help spread out some of my search history, but this has not been easy. For a lot of things, Bing does a pretty decent job, arguably just as good as Google does. However, there are also many times when I get fed up with what are, IMHO, inferior results provided by Bing.

Also, Bing is no where as good at figuring out what I was trying to say, whereas Google can almost always figure out what I was going for, even when I completely butcher the spelling.


As you can see, even though I horribly butchered Blitzkrieg, Google still knew what I was going for, whereas Bing wasn’t even close. I find this happens a lot and not only when I misspell things, but also simply in regards to the quality of the results offered by Bing.

I find this is especially true when searching for programming and technical related topics, where Bing just doesn’t seem to keep up.

My Convoluted Path to this Search Query

In case you are interested, here is the path I took to get to this search query:

While browsing reddit, someone made a reference to the sound a German Stuka Bomber makes. Being a little bit of a history buff, I headed over to Youtube to learn more about the Stuka.

I made the mistake of reading a highly rated youtube comment (never a good idea…ever,) which asserted that there was no such thing as Blitzkrieg and instead it is a “one of the great falsehoods in military history.” Instead the poster submits that it was a Prussian Technique. So, my curiosity peaked, I made the above query to find out more, as it contradicted much of what I know about WWII.

As is usually the case with Youtube commenters, this comment is disingenuous at best. Blitzkrieg is actually the correct word to use when describing the tactics used by the Germans and was coined after the war. However, Blitzkrieg is based on Prussian tactics, except they differed in that Prussian Tactics had been more focused on circling the enemy, while the German Blitzkrieg was focused on quickly forcing itself into the center of the enemies territory. This idea is credited to Hans von Seeckt, who was the chief of staff for Hitler.

Moral of the Story: Don’t Read Youtube Comments…

As a side note, the sound, which I recognized pretty much immediately, is created by a siren that is attached to the Stuka and activates when the Stuka goes into a dive. The Sound at Youtube


2 Responses to “Bing vs Google”

  1. reine Says:

    Isn’t that :STUKA?

  2. junger95 Says:

    Yep, good catch. Should have copied it from the referenced page.

    Good thing it was a post about how good Google is at figuring out my horrible German spelling :P

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