Google Suggests Dropping Google Analytics to Improve Load Time

December 16, 2009

Recently, I took Google Analytics off of one of my sites, in place for a much simpler set of analytics I wrote myself.

I did this for a few reasons, but one of the main ones was to improve performance. Since then I have, of course, seen a noticeable improvement in my page’s load time.

So, today, I was looking through Google Webmaster Tools and I saw that it was reporting some incredibly long page load times, with multiple DNS Lookups, of which one was for Google Analytics. Google provides you some rudimentary tips for reducing page load times and one of their tips was to serve all of the data on the same server, so that you can reduce the number of dns lookups.

I found this pretty amusing, because Google pretty much said “All these calls to Google Analytics are slowing down your pages,” just not exactly in those words.

I thought this was a pretty nice reinforcement for my decision to drop Google Analytics and at least Google is impartial about its services…


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